Hdtc vs hdcam

Its quite common to find people like me with their ShareIt opened up in the very first class of Monday, pressing Receive to start the transfer of movie released last weekend. And you can find a file named something like this, going over in the air from one phone to another…. If you, then you have landed at the right spot! And if not, boy you need to hype up your gene called curiosity…. Anyway, I will cut the commercial and get going with stuff which matters.

And for that, what we will do is we will go with the timeline which any movies follow. From the first day of release to the availability of the High Definition Print. Yea, we are on the first day first show. And for that, all you need to do is put your thumb on this link here and you are bound to know all you have to! And surely there is no need to tell you how these are obtained. Also the audio with general microphone onboard camera and because of that only, we get everything but a clear audio.

Such prints cost huge revenue losses to the production houses. Or if you are among the few daring ones to be present at first-day first show, hats off to you man!

The Indian government has taken ample amount of steps to curb piracy at this step. You must have noticed some blurred rectangular boxes changing locations on the screen through the run. These are to hide a unique number given to the theatres for each print and when such a content is found by authorities, they can easily figure out in which theatre was the movie shot and legal action can be taken accordingly. So, it is the responsibility of the theatre owners to make sure that such prints are not shot in their halls.

And all this happens on the very first day of the movies itself, in fact, if you scour the internet you may get these by time your friend goes for the evening show. This goes for Telesync and as the name itself suggests, its same as CAM only except that here an external original audio source is used, such audio jack provided in some of PVR screens for hard-hearing people.

Such content is generally available by the 2nd or 3rd of the release. This is Telecine and out here video quality is upped a notch as these are directly ripped aka copied from reels.


Basically, its converting analog to digital and hence possible only in analog cinemas, not digital cinema Wanna know the difference, click here. Even though both audio and video from the original source quality is compromised as the generally used pieces of equipment to bring out this conversion are not costly enough.

hdtc vs hdcam

This is around the 2 nd running week of the movie and surely is the last source wherein theatre owners can be found guilty of piracy. Before that, you should know what a screener is? You would have heard that many a time special screening is organized by the producer for special guests, celebrities or for media before the release. That is where a special copy is made for this purpose called screener. So, production houses have started releasing DVDs and movie is premiered over television or even given to web-based streaming service providers like Netflix or Prime Videos or Hotstar.

Now we enter the arena of p or p. Ripping is the process of copying media from one source to another like from DVD to a video file. It involves a great amount of technical paraphernalia like changing the codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution etc just fire up your MX Player and have a look at the properties of any video.

And the tools used for ripping automatically name these files in the format we generally see, consisting file name, year, format, resolution etc separated by dots. TVRip — generally for TV series we get just hours after their actual airing time and capped midway while in satellite transmission.

So, from next time, you sit down to see such a downloaded movie, you will be amazed to make complete sense out of the whole name and predict the source.The only thing that unites and brings together families and relationships are the times when we are watching movies. A good movie takes our precious hours in exchange for togetherness and sometimes leaving new ideas to change our perspectives towards many things entirely. In this article, I will try to cover everything you need to know about all the release types online so that you can get a pretty decent idea about what you are downloading before hitting that magnet and pulling up the wrong files to your hard drive.

Here are some of the most common releases you will find online:. Meaning, the content is recorded by a handheld camera and its audio source is also been recorded by some external audio equipment microphone directly from the movie which is being played.

This is the reason why in some CAMRIP releases we see shadows passing by or hear people verbally chatting with each other. Quality Suggestion: Barely Watchable.

Stands for High Definition Tele Sync. TS is the better version of CAMRIP because in this release type the movie is recorded by a professional camera with better stabilization compared to that of CAMRIP that are the outputs of poor quality recording devices being used could be a smartphone.

The audio quality in TSrip comes from the direct audio-in of the theatre or using micro broadcasters for better quality sound. Soon when a DVDRip of a particular movie is released it often replaces the previous release formats of the movie available online. Exceptions are still there, sometime you may not find the quality of the movie still not up to the mark.

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This also highly depends upon the uploader who uploaded it. These release formats circulate around the web because of its compatibility and support a variety of devices like DVD players, PlayStations, Xbox, etc. They are the ones which support BRRip movies. Usually, the format of BRrip is the mkv file. The only downside of this release type is that its size becomes larger with respect to the resolution p or p. These are from one of the most common and the most downloaded release types among all.

Sony XDCAM HD vs. Sony HDCAM...

They are downloaded by the audience pretty soon as it hits the web. If you find anything written as WEBRip from a trusted or legit uploader, just download it without a second thought. These days you will find WEBrips receiving the most download counts than any of the other releases.

hdtc vs hdcam

It is basically a digital TV broadcasting format, which transmits wide aspect ratio pictures that have more details. Telecine is a pretty old conversion technique of motion picture film into the video.No other tape based HD broadcast format was around at the time, and it quickly became clear that one was needed for HDTV to succeed.

Tape stock is essentially the same as Digital Betacam with the same particle density, and the only difference is a bright orange flap and some more holes at the bottom. Sticking with the same cassette shells made famous with the introduction of large Betacam SP tapes inSony gave us….

The format prominently features 12 individual audio tracks and has a built-in Dolby E decoder i. The SRW VT machine looks and behaves completely different than its predecessors, which gives you the first impression of a very different beast. SR tapes also come with a pre-attached Tele-File sticker, which contains a 1K memory chip to store meta data about your tape. The result is incredible performance: two times the output and 2.

However, according to usage reports this higher density comes at a cost: minor shocks can cause severe impact on your precious recordings — which is why a new tape box has been introduced with the stock. Featuring a honeycomb pattern on the inside, sometimes even bubble wrap and tighter locks on the outside.

Sony do not recommend for any stock to be re-used. Someone gave you the wrong data. The SR is a great format. I have to rent one when needed. Not worth to buy in my case. Very expensive. Have you got a source link for that? There you have it. Very glad to hear it, Kalagan — your feedback is much appreciated! It is a lovely format though.

Add your voice Cancel reply.Over a week has passed since the untimely demise of ExtraTorrent, one of the oldest and most beloved torrent sites around. Like all torrent sites that find themselves gazing upon the gates of torrent Valhalla, ExtraTorrent succumbed to the chronic disease that is pressure from the authorities.

But like a Nigerian movie split four parts, torrent sites are not known for giving up their ghost for long. Despite the ominous parting tone on the Extratorrent site, a clone is already up and running simply replace the cc with cd. Whether or not we trust the new resurrection, however, is a story for another day. In the same vein, and in memory of the wonderful ExtraTorrent, we will give you a rundown of pirated movie types and some quality advice as to what to download and what to avoid like the plague.

Say aye! The parting message on the ExtraTorrent site. As a rule of thumb, the best video types to download tend to be the biggest size. Until they are not. Any self-respecting Pirate ought to be able to read those additions to torrent titles to know what they are getting themselves into. Pirates are gentlemanly in this regard. They usually clearly label their torrents.

Pirated movie types as shown on an ExtraTorrent clone.

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Ripped from Blu-Ray Discs, these are the creme de la creme of torrent downloads. This differs from Blu-Ray rips which can come in a resolution of p, but the size!

hdtc vs hdcam

Oh my! On the other hand, WEBRip has been re-encoded from a web video stream. Be prepared for ads, logos, abrupt transitions after commercial breaks have been cut out of the final show. The video size can vary from p, p, e. HDTV rips are immensely popular right now. Current TV shows are increasingly pirated in this type.

hdtc vs hdcam

They often appear on torrent sites within hours after screening on TV. As these DVDs are released at different times across various markets. This creates a loophole pirates gladly fill by unofficially releasing these DVDRips in other regions. What is notable about this movie type is the high quality of both its audio and video codecs. Screeners are usually VHS tapes sent to movie reviewers, Academy members and such like for promotional purposes only.

At times, that popup is blacked out. The video quality can range from mediocre to excellent. Derived from Camcorder, this is a bootleg recording of a movie in the theaters. The quality of the audio and the video is often abysmal. You can often hear crowd reactions, see movie-goers moving and up and other equally annoying things. Blessed art thou if you chance upon a professionally done Camrip. TC releases use telecine machines that transfer the movie from an analogue reel to a digital format that can be uploaded.

However, the quality is usually lower than you might be used to.

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If you are used to quality picture and sound, your viewing experience might not be up to par. But these can pass. Where the video quality might still not be up to scratch, the audio is remarkably good.IP: Logged.

The Film-Tech Forums are designed for various members related to the cinema industry to express their opinions, viewpoints and testimonials on various products, services and events based upon speculation, personal knowledge and factual information through use, therefore all views represented here allow no liability upon the publishers of this web site and the owners of said views assume no liability for any ill will resulting from these postings.

The posts made here are for educational as well as entertainment purposes and as such anyone viewing this portion of the website must accept these views as statements of the author of that opinion and agrees to release the authors from any and all liability. Page 1. Topic: Digibeta or HDcam? The venue has playback capability for neither and I have no idea what the rental charges for these decks might be. Would the Digibeta be wildly more expensive than an HDcam unit?

Any suggestion to which format to lean towards? Price IS an issue at these place. If they're both in the same ballpark, rentalwise, and you can get the client to split the difference if you can explain the situationI'd highly recommend going with the latter option.

USA What size screen? If you can show p or better and the screen is large-ish, I would recommend HDCAM, especially if the tape is native If not then digibeta is cheaper. Naturally I want the best quality as we are talking about a large screen -- 23ft height.

In the end they will want to go with cheap. Sometimes people call and want to know what the "Best" format to bring their content on is and too often we do not consider if the original is SD or HD.

I am both amazed and annoyed at how much video exhibition is still SD, even for HD-originated material. I can point out two venues here in L. One of the only Sony products I actually like. Yeah, look at those stupid preview projectors. What are they, 1. Let's just say when a certain chain was showing "Wizard of Oz" in "HD" with one of those, they were guilty of blatant false advertising. If properly equipped, you can have it do pulldown only on the composite output for a video monitor and send the native The JH-3 will do pulldown internally without extra options, but it can't be applied only to the composite output.

This is obviously not cheap and is in addition to 35mm and 16mm film. At least the last two aren't expensive. Steve Guttag We forgot the crackers Gromit!!! The JH3 being the expensive player. DVCams are still in popular use. It was one of the reasons I bought those decks.

That and we run a lot of student films on Mini DV. If I am wrong I will post an update.Also, if there are any huge benefits of DCP over these that would substantiate the expense, probably for a single though important screening? At this point I think you may find there are a lot of places who will do DCP creation for independents more cheaply than HDCAM-SRs - it's an opensource process, with inexpensive paid software, that was designed to work around hardware that is quite old and all off the shelf.

Doing a proper QC of the DCP can be expensive - and you don't want to bother with a encryption because of the cost - but just making an unencrypted DCP I would think might be very affordable if you shop around. Everyone in post has a SR deck since it is a still a delivery requirement for all movies.

DCP-O-Matic is the way to go for doing your own authoring. You'll need to have a usb thumb drive reformatted as a linux file system to deliver it on.

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There are very good companies out there that will create high-quality DCPs for you relatively inexpensively. If you've got a feature film, spending a grand for a minute film is pretty much chickenfeed.

Very often in distributor agreement, the DCP is part of the deliverables that you need to provide. The problem with trying to do the DCP yourself is that you have no way of knowing that it's in the right colorspace, the levels are going to be correct, or how it's going to project in a screening. I have seen things go badly in screenings before.

The other two advantages of going through an experienced company: 1 they've done this before and one hopes won't screw it up, and 2 if there are any problems or questions, the company can fix it. That said, festivals are not always well funded operations, nor staffed with technically savvy operatives in my experience. A lot depends on the venue. Cheers - It may take a day to render the JPEG files.

If your timeline was You ship;d have a center track. The sound files for each track need to be Wave 24bot 48kHz. Thanks very much for the responses. We got some quotes back for the DCP - it's in range but the price is painful considering it will be probably only be used for this one screening.

Also we need to revise the edit so the DCP will basically be redundant after that. Am wondering if the audience will really notice the difference between a DCP and a Blu-ray? JT, please PM me with the specs of your master file and your location.

A jpeg DCP should preserve image quality a whole lot better than that, in resolution, compression ratio and bit-depth. If the film is widescreen 2. It will be about half the screen. So yes the audience will notice. Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. I do DCP's on a weekly basis for our local cinemas so I know a little bit about the process.

So you loose 64 pixel on each side and 29 pixel on the bottom and the top compared to a regular DCP.

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That is not visible. It might if: Only if You slap an anotation all over it, huhuh Just make sure that you use the highest possible datarate when producing the BluRay. I've seen films I've shot projected in theaters from both blueray and DCP. The DCP looked better, but not by a huge margin. Most people wouldn't notice. You'll get an affordable rate for your DCP I knew there were people out there who could make DCPs affordably. The big advantage of hiring somebody else to do the DCP for you is, if it gets screwed up, you have somebody to yell at and fix it.Like Betacam, HDCAM tapes are produced in small and large cassette sizes; the small cassette uses the same form factor as the original Betamax.

The standard specifies compression of high-definition digital video. Each D11 source frame is composed of a luminance channel at x pixels and a chrominance channel at x pixels.

Sulit dipercaya perbandingan kualitas film yang di download mempengaruhi kesehatan mata.

During compression, each frame's luminance channel is subsampled at xwhile the chrominance channel is subsampled at x Each channel is capable of recording AES3 non-audio data. In the mids, many prime-time network television shows used HDCAM SR as a master recording medium [3]but it is no longer in widespread use. Tape lengths are the same as for Digital Betacam, up to 40 minutes for S and minutes for L tapes. In 24p mode the runtime increases to 50 and minutes, respectively.

Sony also announced a higher compression mode called SR Lite. SR Lite is locked at color sampling but still maintains 10 bit pixel depth. It syncs the two eyes together and takes up twice as much space on the tape as a normal recording. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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